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  1. What is Closed User Group (CUG)?

    Closed User Group (CUG) allows persons within a predefined “user group” to make and receive unlimited calls within the same group. A monthly subscription fee applies for each member that joins the defined CUG.

  2. How does the CUG work?

    Once a CUG is defined, members can call other members of the same Closed User Group without incurring a call charge.
    If the call being made is to a number outside the CUG, then regular rates will apply.

  3. Who can be a member of a Closed User Group?

    As a corporate customer, you decide and define the members of your own User Group.  This service enables users to save on calls made to other employees that are members of the same group. 

  4. What are the benefits of joining a CUG?

    • Mobile phones can be provided to staff with complete cost control.
    • Potential for companies to make significant savings on calls made.
    • Easy budgeting for companies.
    • Prevents fraudulent use of company’s phones for non business calls.

  5. How do I apply for the service?

    Companies can contact the Digicel Corporate desk for further information regarding the creation of a CUG account.  Once you are satisfied with the Charges/subscription for CUG, you then complete an application form for the service to be activated.