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FAQ: Double value postpaid plan

1.What is this new in the Postpaid Double Value plans?

With the double value plan you buy a bundle of x hour(s) (= MAIN bundle) and get the same amount of hours additional for calls to local Digicel numbers during off-peak hours (= additional bundle)

2.What is included in the Postpaid Double Value Plans?

Minutes in the main bundle are valid for local calls to Digicel numbers, to fixed lines, to other operator mobile numbers and to fixed lines in The Netherlands, during all hours of the day
Minutes in the additional bundle are valid for local calls to Digicel numbers, only during the off-peak hours (between 9PM-7AM)
Each double value plan includes an amount of free Digicel to Digicel SMS
Calls that fall outside both bundles are:

  • International calls
  • Call when traveling abroad (roaming calls)
  • Calls in excess of bundled minutes
  • Any other chargeable call
  • Voicemail
  • SMS to other operator

3.Will my unused main bundled minutes & additional bundled minutes roll over to the next month?

The unused minutes from your main bundle will rollover into the next month.
Unused free minutes out of the additional double value bundle do NOT rollover into the next month

4.What happens when the additional bundle has been depleted?

After the free Digicel to Digicel minutes of the additional bundle have been depleted, out of bundle rates will apply for any extra Digicel to Digicel minute called during off-peak hours.

5.Can I combine the Postpaid Double Value plans with all additional services?

Yes.All plans will be available in combination with additional services:

  • Free Nights and Weekends: in this case the additional value bundle will be replaced by the Free NW plan, capped at the fair use limit of 3000 minutes per month
  • Light/medium/unlimited data plan
  • BlackBerry Messaging/Social/Internet plan
  • Closed User Group
  • Push to Talk

6.Are the new Postpaid Double Value plans available for all customers?

Yes.Beside new customers, also existing customers can subscribe for this new plan by renewing their current subscription. Visit one of our stores or contact Customer Care for more information.