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FAQ - Back tones

  1. What is Back Tones?

    This is a service that personalizes the answering tone that callers hear before a call is answered, so it is replacing the traditional ‘ring-ring” music tones.

  2. How does Back Tones work?

    When you receive a call, the network determines that you have a BACK TONES scheduled and this will be heard by the person who is calling you, until you answer the call or the call is diverted to voicemail.

  3. Are Back Tones different from Ringtones?

    Yes, Back Tones are different from Ringtones. A Ringtone is the tone you hear when your phone is ringing (someone calls you). A Back tone is the answering tone your callers hear when they call your phone.

  4. Is the phone model important when the Back tones is activated?

    No, the Back Tones service is a network function and is not dependent on the phone model.

  5. What are the specific features of the service?

    The Back Tones service allows you set your choice of musical tones from a list of various categories. The Back Tones service also gives users the option to:

    • Create Friends and Groups
    • Set Back Tones by Time-Date, individual phone numbers or occasions
    • Create AlbumsSend
    • Back Tones to Friends (Gift Tones)

  6. What does it cost to access this services?



    Monthly Subscription

    Afl 2.99

    Cost Per Back Tone

    Afl 2.50

  7. How do I activate on my phone?

    Back Tones can be activated through the following methods: Through USSD by dialing *139#
    Through Website by logging on to the Digicel page and selecting the link

    After successful subscription, your number is automatically configured on the network of the Back Tones service. Once this step is completed you will receive a confirmation via SMS that includes the password to access the website section with Back Tones.

  8. How do I know the service has been activated successfully?

    Once activation is completed, you will receive a confirmation via SMS that includes the password to log on to the website section with Back Tones.

  9. Do I have to use this password on the WEB interface?

    Yes, this password is for use on the WEB interface by clicking on the link that you find on the Digicel website.

  10. How can I purchase a Back Tone?

    Tones can be purchased through use of USSD and the Digicel website.

  11. What types of Back Tones are available currently?

    Currently there are several categories of tones including Dancehall, Soca, Hip Hop & Rap and Dance among others. Customers can preview available tones by using USSD and the Web interface. 

  12. What is the cost per Back Tone?

    Each Tone carries a cost of Afl 2.50

  13. How do I pay for this service?

    As a postpaid subscriber, all charges will be applied to your bill. As a prepaid subscriber, you must have credit available on your phone as all charges will be deducted from your account upon purchase.

  14. How many Tones can I buy?

    There is no limit to the amount of Tones customer can purchase.

  15. How long may I keep a back tone?

    A back tone expires 3 months from the date and time of purchase.

  16. Will my Back tones purchases expire?

    Yes. Your will expire after 3 months.

  17. What happens when it expires?

    Customers will have the option to renew for another 3 months by simply repurchasing the back tones within 30 days after expiration.

  18. Am I charged each time a caller hears one of my selections?

    No, you are charged when you select music and purchase it, but not for each call you receive.

  19. How is the monthly subscription charged?

    The monthly subscription will be automatically deducted every month. Customer will receive a message 2 days before the monthly expiry. After amount of Naf/Afl 2.99 has been deducted customer will receive a message saying that the subscription was renewed.

  20. What happens if I don’t have enough credit on my account on the day the monthly subscription will be automatically deducted?

    The subscription will not be renewed and the customer will have to renew the subscription by USSD or the Website.

  21. What is an album?

    An album is a collection of the tones you purchase. An album is automatically created upon purchase of your first tone. You can create up to 10 different albums.

  22. Will I be charged for attempting to purchase a tone that already exists in my album?

    No, customers will not be charged for a back tone that already exists in their album.

  23. If I convert my prepaid account to post or vice versa, will I keep all my albums?

    Yes. All settings will be stored during conversions.

  24. What is a Back tones Gift?

    The Back Tones service allows customers to purchase tones and send it to their friends as gifts.

  25. Is there an additional cost for using this service?

    The Customer will only pay to purchase the Back tones at the standard rate of 2.50 per tune.

  26. Will I still be charged for sending a Back tones gift to a friend if it already exists in his or her album?

    No. You will not be charged for attempting to send a Back tones gift if the tune already exists in your friend’s album.

  27. How can I unsubscribe from the service?

    You can delete the subscription for the service through the any access point (USSD and Website) by selecting the option to unsubscribe in the subscription menu.

  28. Can I still use my back tones if I unsubscribe from the service?

    No, once you unsubscribe from the service all you have purchased will be deleted from the system.

  29. Will my Profile be erased if I forgot to renew my subscription?

    Yes after 1 month. Your Back Tones profile will be moved to the deactivate state and unsubscribed after 1 month if not renewed. Once the subscription fees are settled within the month your Back Tones settings will be restored. Back Tones profiles are erased after un-subscription from the service.

  30. Will I be given a default tones upon subscribing to the service?


  31. To how many callers may I assign a single Back tones?

    Back Tones can be assigned at your own discretion. One Back tone can be assigned to one caller exclusively or to multiple subscribers if so desired.

  32. How often may I change my Back Tones, Friends ?

    You may add or change Back tones and Friends as often as you wish. In addition, you may delete or edit your Friends information in addition to the Back tones settings (days and times).

  33. Will Back Tones work while I am roaming?

    Yes. If someone calls you while you're roaming they will hear the back tones you’ve assigned to them

  34. Can I use the normal ringing tone during work hours?

    Yes, the Date-Time functionality can be used to specify a unique Back tone to be played during a specific time period. The default Back tones will be played during all other times.

  35. Can I choose what my default Ring tone is set as?

    Yes. You can choose any fun Back tones as the default for all callers.

  36. Can I preview the Back Tones free of charge?

    Yes. You can preview and pre-listen Back Tones free of charge on the website.

  37. What is the URL for the website?

    Customers can gain access to the Back Tones webpage via to Digicel website

    •          Aruba :

  38. What will happen to my Back Tones if I change my mobile number?

    The Back tones service is linked to the old mobile number and is not transferable to the new one.

  39. How do I manage my Back Tones?

    Back Tones settings can be managed from the customer’s phone using USSD or on the website.

  40. Will I be notified when new Back Tones are added to the service?

    Yes. This may be via a balance enquiry message or text message from Digicel to your phone.