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FAQ -Talk More

Q: When will the Talk Free promotion starts?
    A: promotion starts on June 1, 2012

2 Q: Who can benefit from this promotion?
    A: This promotion is applicable to only prepaid subscribers

3. Q: What is the Talk Free promotion?
    A: When a customer call a Digicel subscriber for 5 minutes locally, He will pay the regular rates for the  first 5  minutes of call time, and will receive 300 free minutes to use for the rest of the day.

4. Q: Which destination is in the Talk Free Promotion?
A:  promotion is valid to call only on-net numbers Digicel to Digicel

5. Q: When can I apply for the Talk Free Promotion?
A:  whenever a pre-paid subscriber makes a Digicel local call, and talk for 5 minutes, they automatically receives the 300 free minutes. Once the 300 minutes are exceeded before 11:59pm the process starts over again.

6. Q: Can my free minutes be accumulated over different calls?
    A: Yes. Free minutes apply to the same call or other calls made during the day. Therefore minutes are accumulated,

7. Q: What will the Talk Free promotion ends?
    A: yet to be announced

8.  Q: Can pre-paid CUG subscribers benefit from this promotion?
A: No. CUG pre-paid subscribers will not benefit from this promotion

9. Q: Can Customer benefit of the promotion while roaming?
     A: No customers roaming will be charged at the regular roaming rate