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FAQ - digiCHAT

1.      Do I pay for receiving messages?
No, you don’t pay for receiving messages, you only pay for sending messages.
2.      Is it available for all Digicel customers?
Yes, it is available for both postpaid and prepaid customers.
3.     What is my nickname when I first sign in?
Your nickname is the last four digits of your phone number. It will stay like that you change it. Once you      have changed your nickname the system will remember your nickname.

4.     Can I create my own private room?
Yes, you can create your own room and invite your friends to join you but it will still be open for other chatters to join.
5.    How many days does the room I have created stay active?
It will stay created but will not appear in the “LIST” when it has been inactive for more than 24 hours.