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Call Me

Call Me enables prepaid customer with limited or no funds (less than Afl 0.25) to send a notification message to another mobile number (local* or international) requesting a call back from this number.  The customer is able to send messages to other local and international networks which have interconnecting agreements with Digicel.**
All prepaid customers are automatically provisioned for this service. Postpaid customers are not eligible for the service.               
The service is free of charge.   
How it works:
To send a Call me message dial    *126*areacodephonenumber#, for example *126*2977440000#     
Customers can send 21 messages per week. When the message is sent the sender will receive an instant confirmation message. The message will confirm that the Call Me was sent and tell you how many messages remain.
The service is not available when roaming.       

* Customers will be able to send Call Me messages to Setar numbers too. Fixed line numbers cannot send and or receive text messages.   
** If a Call Me is sent to an invalid number or to a network that does not have an interconnecting agreement with Digicel, the customer will get a confirmation that the message is sent, however the person will not receive the message.