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Digicel SMS Bundles

1.    What is the SMS Bundles service?
  •   SMS bundles will enable Digicel subscribers to purchase a Text Bundle plan which will give them a discount to the standard text messaging price.

2.    Who is the SMS Bundles product for?
  • Prepaid And Postpaid subscribers

3.    Who can I send SMS to with this service?
  • Local subscribers on Digicel network.

4.    What are the types of plans being offered?
  • There are 2 prepaid and 5 postpaid plans.

The Prepaid SMS bundles will be offered in 2 sizes:

  •   50 onnet SMS         for Afl  5.00
  • 120 onnet SMS         for Afl 10.00

The Postpaid SMS bundles will be offered in 5 sizes:

  • 50 onnet SMS            for Afl   5.00
  • 120 onnet SMS         for Afl  10.00
  • 200 onnet SMS         for Afl  15.00
  • 275 onnet SMS         for Afl  20.00
  • 350 onnet SMS         for Afl  25.00

5.    How do I purchase a SMS bundle plan with a Prepaid Account?

To purchase SMS Bundles Plans enter the following: *143# SEND.

A.    You will get a message that reads:
“Welcome to the Digicel SMS Bundles plan programme instructions will follow in the next SMS message.”

•    “To activate plan SMS bundle 50 at a cost of 5 guilders dial *143*50#. To activate plan SMS bundle 120 at a cost of 10 guilders dial *143*120#.”

B.    Send *143*50# for the 50 SMS plan OR Send *143*120# for the 120 SMS bundle plan

C.    Once a plan is selected, the you will receive a message that reads:
•    “Please confirm activation of by dialing *143*1#. To cancel and start again dial *143*9#”.

D.    Once you confirm and accepts the charges, the credit will be deducted and you will receive a message that reads:
•    “Thank you for joining for 7 days starting . Terms and Conditions apply.”

E.    You can then start using your free messages at a discounted rate to local Digicel subscribers.

6.    How do I as a prepaid customer check the available balance left in SMS Bundle plan?
  • Enter *143* # and press send.
  • A SMS is then sent to you showing available balance in SMS Bundle.

7.    If I use all SMS before the bundle expires, can he buy a new bundle?
  • Yes
  • Enter *143*5* # and press send

8.    If I as Prepaid Customer no longer want the product can the registration be cancelled and a rebate given?
  • No
  • Once activated the plan will run for the 7 day service period.

9.    Can I transfer SMS Bundles credit to another number?
  • No.
  • SMS Bundle Credit cannot be transferred from one account to another.

10.    Will unused Prepaid SMS’s roll over to the next service period if plan is renewed?
•    YES The remaining sms will rollover to the next period if plan is renewed prior expiry.

11.    How do I register for this product if I have a Postpaid Account?
•    To sign-up for post-paid SMS Bundle you will need to visit one of our Digicel stores. The bundle is – in line with the nature of postpaid services – an add-on to any postpaid voice plan.  ( paid at the end of the month )

12.    How do I as postpaid customer check the available balance left in SMS Bundle dedicated account?
•    You will need to contact customer care ( 145 ) To request information on their post-paid SMS bundle account.
(You may be requested to provide their secret question and answer.)

13.    Will unused Postpaid SMS’s roll over to the next service period?
•    No The remaining sms will not rollover to the next period

14.    Can I use services such as Credit U, Credit Me and Please Call Me?
  • Yes.
  •  ALL services will still be available to the customer.

15.    If there are issues with the service what should I do?
•    Call Customer Care at 145