Mobile Web

Digicel Mobile Web

With Digicel Mobile Web you can use your mobile service for far more than just talk and text. Digicel Mobile Web facilitates access to a number of interactive mobile products and services including:


·         Downloads

·         Internet Browsing

·         Instant messaging

·         Mobile Email

·         WAP browsing via the Digicel Live portal


For using the mobile web you will need a 4G / GPRS / EDGE compatible handset.


Digicel data services are priced at the affordable rate of Afl 2.00 per MB for the pay-as-you-go users.  Charging will be per KB.


Digicel Mobile Web packages are available as of Afl 49.00 per month. For plans and pricing click

How much is 1 Megabyte? On average, one Megabyte is the equivalent of:
  • 1000 average length text-only emails
  • 2 minutes of an MP3 file 
  • A 25 page Word document 
  • A 20 slide basic PowerPoint presentation 
  • 30 emails with one page Word attachment 
  • 25 Internet pages (quantity varies by size)