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Topping up

Add credit to our prepaid account from any place anytime!!! Digicel offers a wide range of top-up options for you and yours.

Credit Me

OUT OF CREDIT? Send a request from your Prepaid phone to the Prepaid and Postpaid accounts of friends and family for top up credit.

You can even send a Credit Me while roaming!

  1. Dial *127* + 11-digit receiving mobile number* + amount followed by # key. E.g. (*127*2971234567*10#)
  2. Wait for the confirmation message that your request was sent.
  3. The recipient will receives a message stating the mobile number and amount requested.
  4. The recipient can then use Credit U to honor the request by dialing *128*2971234567*10#.
  5. If the request is honored, you will receive a confirmation message with the amount received and your current balance.

Only Digicel prepaid customers with balances less that Afl.1.50 can send a Credit Me request.

There is no charge to use Credit Me service. It's FREE!

Credit U

Transfer credit from your own Postpaid or Prepaid account to the Prepaid account of friends and family using your mobile handset.

  1. Dial *128*297 the receiver's number* the amount you want to send# and press send
    e.g. *128*2971234567*10# (to send Afl 10 to 1234567)

In that one simple step, credit is sent directly from your Digicel to any friend's or family's Digicel prepaid phone.


Convenience in a card! Flexcards are readily available all around the island.

  1. Scratch off the dark strip covering the voucher number with a coin
  2. Dial from your mobile phone: *141* the voucher number and press #(e.g. *141*123456789#)
  3. Then press "SEND"
  4. Look at the phone screen for a message telling you whether the top up was successful.

Flexcards are available in Afl 5.00, Afl 10.00, Afl 15.00 ,Afl. 25.00 and Afl.50.00

To check your account balance:

  1. Dial *142#
  2. Then press "SEND"
  3. You will receive a message on your phone screen with your current balance.

Top U Up

This is an innovative method of topping up either your own or another's subscriber's prepaid account. Digicel postpaid subscribers may top up any Digicel prepaid account. However, they will not be able to use this method to top up their own postpaid or another subscribers post paid accounts.

Steps on how to use the Top U Up service

  1. Type *125*297 number you want to top up # and press send.
  2. Sender will receive the following message:
    "From a blank screen please enter *125*voucher number#SEND to add credit to 297xxxxxxx or *125*2# to cancel, please respond within 2 minutes."
  3. Type *125*voucher number# and press send.
  4. You and the person you are toping up will receive notification that the credit has been added to the account.

If you are roaming and your account needs top up, anyone in Curacao can use this method to top your account.

ATM Top -up

Another first from Digicel!

Now Digicel subscribers can add credit to their phone from any CMB ATM machines. It is easy. Just insert your debit card in the machine and follow the instructions. The credit will go directly to your phone in seconds and you will receive an SMS indicating that the amount was credited.

Flex E

E-card vouchers, one of the most convenient ways to add credit! Available at many convenient locations throughout the island.

  1. Pay the dealer the value of your desired voucher
  2. Dial from your mobile phone: *121* the voucher numbers #(e.g. *121*1234567890123#)
  3. Then press "SEND"
  4. Look at the phone screen for a message telling you whether the top up was successful.

To check your account balance:

  1. Dial *142#
  2. Then press "SEND"
  3. Check your phone screen for your current balance.


Expect More, Get MORE!!

Now you can register your Digicel phone and that of family and friends at any CMB ATM and use SMS text to top-up…Easy, Convenient:

How to register for SMS Recharge?

Register for this service at any CMB Bankomatiko ("ATM")

  1. Choose Phone Recharge from the main options screen
  2. Choose SMS Registration
  3. Choose DIGICEL your telephone service provider
  4. Enter your cellular telephone number.
  5. Choose if you would like to recharge other phones
  6. You will then receive a registration receipt from the Bankomatiko.

Once the process has been completed, you will receive an SMS message confirming registration. In this message, subscriber will also receive the SMS PassCode. This PassCode is needed to send recharge requests

To top-up

Send an SMS from the registered phone with the recharge command to the SMS number 1111.

Send the following "SMS" recharge command to 1111:

RC<space>Pass Code<space>Amount

Example: To recharge Afl. 10. with Pass Code 1234 simply send the following message to 1111: RC 1234 10