BlackBerry Prepaid Data


Digicel offers BlackBerry Internet also for prepaid customers. There is a wide range of plans available for every budget and lifestyle.


To sign up

To activate a prepaid BlackBerry plan, enter *136#SEND. You will receive a text message with instructions on how to choose the plan you want to activate. Please ensure you have sufficient credit to sign up for the plan. The credit will be immediately deducted and the service activated. (NOTE: these plans do not apply to BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Q5)


After activation

·         After receiving the text message "Thank you..." the subscription is activated on the Digicel network.

·         To complete the activation process, please remove your battery from the handset and then re-insert it. This will ensure your Prepaid Blackberry service is registered on the Digicel network.

·         One you are registered with the service, you will receive a prompt with instructions to set up your email account. If you do not receive the prompt to set up email, you can set up your email account using: 

1.       The ‘email settings’ icon on your BlackBerry

2.       From a computer with internet access visiting the following website: and selecting "Create New Account".


You can now use your Digicel Prepaid Blackberry Internet Services!