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Digicel Online Games

DigiBiorhythm is a mobile entertainment application, which calculates the physical, emotional, and intellectual levels of individuals according to their birthdays.
Cupid is an entertainment and community application developed for mobile platforms. It provides various single user personality tests. By taking the tests, users can evaluate their personality in terms of flirting, relationships, love and sex. A user receives four multiple choice questions during each test session. At the end of the test he/she is sent a short comment on personality based on his/her answers.
'digiGoal' is a mobile football game based on penalty shooting. Players take 5 shots and 5 defence moves from 6 different areas of the goal, and also choose 5 moves to save the opponents shots. A player challenges to an opponent by entering name and phone number of him and his shots are sent. If the opponent accepts the challenge, he follows up by entering his own moves and then the system corresponds these slots. After players challenge each other, the system will calculates the accuracy of both players and declare the winner.
'digiGreetings' is a mobile based greeting card solution with MMS notifications system. People can send and receive personalized greeting cards selected from a rich catalogue of image, melody and messages. Services supports MMS content (colourful pictures and animations) and MMS greeting card composing function (ready templates can be sent to recipients).

'digiSlotmachine' brings all the fun of a Vegas slot machine to mobile phone, for one-armed bandit lovers. The goal of the game is to make a sequence of similar objects in every turn. To build a sequence of symbols which yields the best points is the goal. Once the player registers the game service, he can start to challenge his luck through the wap site of the game, via SMS or MMS. The player starts the game with 200 credits and he can spin the wheel and wish for luck.