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Access the Internet from your mobile phone with Digicel 4G Data Plans!

Digicel has simplified and improved its pre-paid data plan activation menu, presenting *123# and easier to follow instructions.

Customers can now simply enter *123# followed by “send” and follow the instructions to the friendlier and more controllable data usage system and thus activate any plan any time.

Digicel has eliminated the “pay as you go” plan and customers have to activate a data plan to use data on the 4G network

With the most recent changes Digicel has also launched the lowest data plan available on Aruba and now – for only Afl. 1.99 – customers have 30 MB to use per day to chat and use apps any time, anywhere. The 1-day data plan is renewed automatically daily.


With the new data plans (for one or more days) and *123#, Digicel also helps customers eliminate overages. When the customer runs out of MBs, the access to data is canceled and reactivation is necessary, even though the plan itself has not expired yet. As soon as the customer reactivates a plan, he will once again have access to use data.