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Digicel Live

Digicel Live is Digicel's gateway to “Infotainment”. It brings your mobile phone to life and offers a unique experience from a single portal.  Digicel Live is ideal for the sports lover, the gamer, the music lover, the social networker and the information lover who wants up to the minute news and sports.
Digicel Live allows you to access a range of useful information and fun services directly from your GPRS/ EDGE enabled Digicel phone.
On the Digicel Live Portal, content is organized under a number of different headings to make it easier for you to navigate the site:

  • Digicel Place: a community where customers can upload and share pictures, short video clips, and   comments
  • Ringtones:  Polyphonic and real tones from international and local artiste.
  • Games: Customers can play games online or download Java games and play them offline.
  • Email (MyMail): Customers can access accounts from Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail
  • News : Customers read local news and international news
  • Sports: Customers can access local and international sports
  • Cool links – here customers can go other links that off Digicel live portal, e.g. Google to conduct searches etc

Accessing Digicel Live
Digcel’s network uses both General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) technologies to deliver data services. This is why your mobile phone must be compatible with EDGE/GPRS to accessing Digicel Live. There are two ways of connecting to the Digicel Live site from your phone:

  • Press and hold down the Internet ready key on your mobile phone. All new data capable phones  purchased from Digicel are preconfigured with soft and hard keys which makes getting to Digicel Live that much easier. Customer devices are automatically provisioned to use the service. Older handsets or handsets not purchased from Digicel may require the next option to access Digicel Live.

  • Open your WAP browser and go to
    Once you are on the portal, choose where you want to go next from the list of options on the homepage.
    The Internet has millions of websites that are designed in a particular format   so that they can be viewed properly on a computer. However, because of the size of a screen on a mobile phone it is not possible to view the same websites exactly how they look on a computer. To make websites viewable on your mobile phone screen, internet sites use a technology called WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). Your Digicel GPRS/ EDGE enabled mobile phone can be used to access any of these sites that use WAP technology.
    WEB enabled cell phones allows full HTML Browsing.
Phone Settings
Customer locally purchased phones are automatically provisioned to use Data Services. Older handsets or handsets not purchased from Digicel may require inputting the settings for GPS/EDGE.