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Text SMS Bundles

For all who like to send lots of SMS, a bundle of text messages where you really save money.
Digicel is offering SMS bundles plans
Prepaid Plans :

  • 50 SMS bundle plan:50 messages from Digicel to Digicel for Afl. 5.00
  • 120 SMS bundle plan: 120 message from Digicel to Digicel for Afl. 10.00

Postpaid plans :

  • 50 onnet SMS           for Afl    5.00
  • 120 onnet SMS         for Afl    10.00
  • 200 onnet SMS         for Afl    15.00
  • 275 onnet SMS         for Afl    20.00
  • 350 onnet SMS         for Afl    25.00

How it works:

Prepaid customers can apply by entering *143# and follow the instructions.
Postpaid customers can apply by signing up at one of the Digicel store.
Find the Terms & Conditions which apply below:
1.    The “Digicel SMS Bundles” Service is now available to all Digicel Customers. Customers can purchase bundle of SMS each at a discounted price.

2.    There are 2 prepaid SMS Bundle plans:
  • low usage SMS bundle of 50 onnet messages at Afl 5.00
  • medium usage SMS bundle of 120onnet message at Afl 10.00

3.    Prepaid customers may register for the SMS bundles plans by dialing *143#. Choosing between 50 or 120 SMS bundle plan.

4.    If the registration is successful, the customer will receive a confirmation message stating, ‘Please confirm activation of SMS Bundles by dialing *143*1#. To cancel dial *143*9#‘.

5.    Subscribers will be charged for the SMS Bundle plan at the time of registration. After confirmation of the activation by dialing *143*1# Customer receives message stating ‘Thank you for joining SMS bundle Bundles for 7 days starting <date and time>’.

6.     SMS Bundle messages can only be sent by local Digicel Customers.

7.    After the Subscriber has exhausted the SMS Bundle messages, any SMS messages that the Subscriber makes will be charged at the regular rates for text messages.

8.    If a Pre-paid Customer does not have sufficient funds credited to his/her account at the time of registration he/she will receive a message which states ‘Sorry you do not have sufficient funds to activate this service, please add the required credit to your phone and try again – Thank you for using  Digicel’.

9.     After 7 days a Subscriber’s registration to the SMS Bundles Service expires and he / she may renew by following the instructions set out at clause 3 above.

10.    The SMS Bundles Plans are offered for personal use by individuals and is not designed for commercial use. Digicel reserves the right to terminate the service forthwith if in its sole opinion the service is being abused.

Digicel reserves the right to at any time vary the charge for the service, to amend its Terms and Conditions, or to withdraw the service. In any of these events notice will be given via media advertisements or messages to subscribers and will be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notifications.