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Online Top UP

The way to top up online!

What it is:

Digicel Online top up is a service, that allows consumers to go to the Digicel website and top up any Digicel prepaid number. All you need is a valid credit or debit card (MasterCard/ VISA).
How it works:

1.    Register for free in just a few seconds
2.    Enter your 7-digit Digicel mobile phone number
3.    Select a top up value and click “Next”
4.    Enter your credit card information then select “Pay”

5.    A receipt will be shown on the computer and the mobile phone will receive an SMS confirmation message
Click here to top up online now!
Digicel Online Topup
Digicel Online Top Up allows you to send call credit to family & friends or to your own cell phone, from anywhere in the world! It takes only a few easy steps: Regi...
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